Our business model

Our Purpose

To help our customers, colleagues and communities prosper.

By that we mean more than just helping them to be more financially well off. We want them to flourish, thrive and succeed in their personal and professional goals.

Our Vision

To be recognised as the UK’s number one choice of specialist bank, through our commitment to exceptional service, strong relationships and competitive propositions.

By working Stronger together, Taking ownership, Aiming high and Respecting others, we will more powerfully achieve our own goals, as well as our stakeholders’.

But we are not just focused on lending and savings (though that is what we do and what we are great at); we are a business that cares about leaving things better than we found them. We are passionate about our final value, Stewardship, which encourages us to give back to our communities, supporting those who are vulnerable or less fortunate, embracing diversity and finding new ways to protect our environment.

It does not matter where we are working from; a branch, on the road, in the office or from home. It does not even matter that we are not all in the same country, we are clear about what we want to achieve. We know how we want to achieve it and we are absolutely determined to build upon the foundations we have created so our customers, shareholders, communities and our people can all prosper.

We are a leading specialist mortgage lender, supported by diversified and stable funding platforms and operating through a unique and cost-efficient operating model.

  • Sophisticated funding platforms
  • Specialist mortgage lending
  • Unique operating model

Sophisticated funding platforms

Our lending is predominantly funded by retail deposits sourced through our Kent Reliance (KR) and Charter Savings Bank (CSB) franchises. The Group’s issuance of high-quality residential mortgage-backed securities, access to Bank of England’s funding schemes and issuance of MREL qualifying debt provide funding diversification.

Statutory retail deposits


2022: £19.8bn

23 securitisations since 2013 worth


2022: 22 securitisations worth £11.1bn

Competitive advantages

Brands and heritage

Both KR and CSB are award-winning franchises. KR has over 160 years of heritage and nine branches.

Capital markets expertise

Our strategy is to be dynamic and nimble with issuance plans providing cost efficient term funding.

Specialist mortgage lending

The Group’s complementary underwriting platforms support OSB’s bespoke and experience-based manual approach and CCFS’s automated approach to loan assessment, offering attractive solutions for each of our borrowers.

Statutory loans to customers


2022: £23.6bn

Gross new lending


2022: £5.8bn

Competitive advantages

Relationships with intermediaries

We invest time to develop strong relationships with mortgage brokers who distribute our products to customers.

Breath of propositions

Our diverse brands allow us to tailor our lending proposition to better meet the needs of our borrowers.

Unique operating model

The Group operates customer service functions in multiple locations, including our wholly-owned subsidiary OSB India. The Group also has expertise in credit assessment, case management, in-house real estate expertise and collections.

OSB savings customer NPS


CSB savings customer NPS


Statutory cost to income ratio


Competitive advantages

Outstanding customer service

OSB India puts customer service at the heart of everything it does, demonstrated by the excellent customer Net Promoter Scores.

Deep credit expertise

Our deep credit expertise and strong data analytical capabilities offer valuable insights and learning from the performance of mortgage products.

For shareholders


Statutory basic EPS


Total dividend per share

For intermediaries


OSB and CCFS broker NPS2

For the environment


Reduction in energy consumption per sq.m4

For savings customers


OSB savings customer NPS


OSB customer retention1


CCFS savings customer NPS


CCFS customer retention1

For employees


Women in senior management roles3


Number of Group employees promoted in 2023

For communities

Over £288,000

Group sponsorship and donations

  • 1. Retention is defined as average maturing fixed contractual retail deposits that remain with the Group on their maturity date.
  • 2. OSB broker NPS relates to Kent Reliance brokers and CCFS broker NPS relates to Precise Mortgages brokers.
  • 3. Employees at grades A (Executive Director) to grade E (including function heads with senior direct reports or employees at specialist roles of a senior nature).
  • 4. Energy consumption is a measure of the total kWh used (electricity, gas and gasoil) in buildings under the Group’s operational control, divided by the total square meterage of those buildings. In 2023, 191.87kWh/sq.m was used and 216.32 kWh/sq.m in 2022